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Optotune presents industrial 

design tunable lens.

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tec5 electronics does spectral data preprocessing in real time.

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Piezosystem Jena presents their new mirror tilting system PSH25-2.

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Rubrik A

  Optonyx AB

 Enhagsslingan 23

 SE-187 40  TÄBY


 Phone: +46 8 55 11 14 10

 Fax:    +46 8 55 11 14 15

 Email:  info[at]optonyx.com



OPTONYX was formed in 2006 to sharpen the focus on photonic components and systems, used by industrial and research customers in Scandinavia. We are now established as a photonics supplier on both the OEM and R&D market.


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Our business is to serve as a value-adding distributor and representative in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. We represent a limited number of selected international high performance manufacturers, whose reputation and products are truly world-class.


We want to provide the best service for our customers. Combining efficient communication with our experience and in-depth knowledge of our suppliers and their capability, we will assist you in finding answers, components and solutions.

  Under this headline we will present one or a few of our products a little bit different. There will be a brief presentation and some links where you can find more in-depth information, pictures and sometimes a video presentation. Enter here!